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Name:Magra Saint Seville
Birthdate:Nov 16

Orphan. Genius hacker. Adopted daughter. A smartass to everyone who is not her guardian. She's the one who buys Magra her shiny programs and equipment after all.

Growing up, Magra always had a strong affinity with technology as a young girl. There was a more solid and tangible connection with it than what she had with other people, finding it difficult to make a meaningful relationship with them. After running away from her grandfather, she lived in New York for a while before being found by Xi Zhaojun, a woman who had a narrative of her own playing at the time. Magra's skills with hacking and programming were crucial to Zhaojun at the time and Magra needed money.

For what was meant supposed to be a mere employer-employee relationship grew into something more, the two of them creating a mother-daughter rapport as they traveled around the world and did all sorts of things to further the older woman's mission to take down a gang who did her wrong. (Murdering a woman's husband and child can make a woman understandably angry.)

After the events of Zhaojun's situation played out, from conspiracy to constant trouble to a memorable time Magra was kidnapped, the two of them somehow managed to beat the odds and get revenge against the people who did Zhaojun wrong. Now Magra lives with Zhaojun or travels with her whenever she has work. She works as a IT specialist in a security company, a prodigy to many considering her relative youth and the fact she's a stubborn thing who is unwilling to let go of a challenge if she sees one.

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